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Hello lovely people!

We’re really excited to be able to announce our programme for //BUZZCUT 2014// April 23rd – 27th 

It’s also a joy to be supported by the glorious folks at the Jerwood Charitable Foundation, and now also University of Chichester, Department of Theatre. YAS!

There’ll be lots more info coming soon, but in the meantime… here’s a really big, exciting list 🙂

All our love, Buzzcut x

Ella Good and Nicki Kent

FK Alexander

Greg Wohead

Veale and Rigg

Will Dickie

Conor Baird

Brian Lobel

Paul Michael Henry

Rachel Mars and Verity Standen

Cara Berger

David Sheppeard

Louise Ahl

I’m With You

Lou Brodie + Tashi Gore

Gillie Kleiman

Aby Watson

Holly Rumble + John Boursnell

Andrew Simpson

Lucy Hutson

Victoria Bianchi

Maxwell McCarthy

Laura Bradshaw

Tom Frankland

Claire Cunningham

Action Hero

Peter McMaster

Cool Hunting

Steve Slater

Nigel and Louise

Amy Conway

Figs in Wigs

Laurie Brown


Fuck Me I’m Naked

Louise Orwin

Amy McLachlan Sayer

Foxy and Husk

Peter Lannon

Greg McLaren

Rebel Jam

Ellie Dubois + Kim Donohoe

Thomas McCulloch

Culture Device Dance Project

Jo Bannon

Harry Giles

Open Barbers

The Dotted Q

Katy Baird

Silvia Ziranek

Eilidh MacAskill

Sus Hewlett + Steve Nice