//Buzzcut 2015// from Nick Anderson on Vimeo.

//BUZZCUT// is an artist led annual performance festival that happens in the Pearce Institute in Govan, Glasgow every Spring. Throughout the year, BUZZCUT also work with other organisations to host events where artists and audiences can experiment with live performance in an accessible, community focused environment.

“For diversity and generosity of spirit, there is no festival so encompassing and welcoming as Buzzcut.” **** Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

//BUZZCUT// is a collective dedicated to creating exciting, supportive environments for artists and audiences to experiment with cutting edge live performance.

//BUZZCUT// looks to open up new spaces for performance to happen, to bring new audiences to live art, and to create new opportunities for artists to make and share work.

//BUZZCUT// believes in strengthening and broadening communities, in bringing people from different walks of life together in one circle to ask challenging questions.

//BUZZCUT// is about sharing; sharing food, sharing ideas and support, opening up doors and sharing homes.

//BUZZCUT// loves festivals. //BUZZCUT// will bring a free five day festival of experimental performance and live art to the centre of Glasgow every year, with a broad range of artists from different places, different practices, and different stages in their career.
“It felt relevant and immediate, unstuffy and innately inclusive: more please.” ****                                                                              Mary Brennan, The Herald on //BUZZCUT//2012

// We are Nick Anderson, Rosana Cade, Karl Taylor and Daisy Douglas
please do get in touch with anything //

E-mail: glasgowbuzzcut@gmail.com

Twitter: @glasgowbuzzcut

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/glasgowbuzzcut

3 thoughts on “//ABOUT//

  1. Natalie Sarah Hughes (TILLEY & DEL) says:

    It all looks very intriguing to a PIGGIE and a lady who have never ventured to Scotland before, never been to a Festival before ( e.g. Glastonbury) LET ALONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It appears that all the rule books have been thrown out and replaced with something that can include PIGS AND ALL, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! XxXx

  2. […] to take on the role of players or ‘users’. In early April I presented a scratch piece at Buzzcut Festival for teenage audiences, ‘the internet irl’, which used a game show format, with rounds, tasks […]

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