Monthly Archives: January 2012

As part of the Glue Factory’s exciting program during Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art…


//BUZZCUT// presents:



Move me to action,

Move me to tears,

Move me somewhere else,

Move me closer to you.


We are looking for 5 artists to take part in this event, which will be in the bar at The Glue Factory as part of their G.I. program.

It will be on the evenings of 3rd and 4th May, and you would need to be free for both of these dates.


We are asking you to create a 5 minute, one on one performance, which will take place at a table, responding to the title above. Audience members will be invited to come to your table for five minutes and then move on. The event will take place over two nights, and we are keen for the original pieces to evolve as the nights progress.


To apply please email a brief description of your idea by Wednesday 18th April to:


Buzzcut will not be able to provide any budget or expenses for this event.


We look forward to hearing from you!