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//PROGRAMME 2015//

Boom boom BOOM! Here it is! The full programme for //BUZZCUT// 2015 is now visible, alive, online, for your eyes, ears and heart! Remember there are no tickets that need to be bought to come to //BUZZCUT// – as always, just turn up and get involved from the 18th – 22nd March 2015 at The Pearce Institute in Govan! Full schedule and more info on all the shows will be released closer to the festival 🙂

One or two quick things to mention:
– The whole event is pay-what-you-can and this goes straight to the artists

– All the spaces we are using within the Pearce Institute are on the ground floor, which are all wheelchair accessible

We’re really delighted to be sharing it with you all, and it’s time to start getting excited about what will be an absolutely HUGE 5 DAYS! This year we’ve accepted more work than ever before, and it’s gonna be aff-the-hook! We can’t wait to spend the time with you! Do share on this link if you want to help spread the word!

Love //BUZZCUT// xx

Here’s a list in absolutely no order:

Nic Green

Sh!t Theatre

Eggs Collective

Deb Jones

The Near Triad

Figs in Wigs

Brian Lobel + Catherine Long

Ciara McKeon

Lou Brodie + Tashi Gore

Richard Layzell

Stephanie Elaine Black + Thomas McCulloch

jamie lewis hadley

The Moptops

Eilidh MacAskill

Action Hero

Emilia Weber + Claire Healy

I’m With You

Ira Brand

Minty Donald + Nick Millar

immigrants and animals (Jamila Johnson-Small + Mira Kautto)

Harry Wilson

Jo Hellier

Shilpa T-Hyland

Haranczak/Navarre (Karen Christopher and Sophie Grodin)

Conor Baird

Kitty Fedorec

Louise Orwin

Mamoru Iriguchi

Melanie Jame Wolf

Harry Giles

Nicola Canavan

TJB/FKA (Thomas John Bacon / F K Alexander)

Pablo Pakula

Philip Stanier

Robert Hesp

Sleepwalk Collective

Sylvia Rimat

Diane Torr

Jenna Watt

Laurie Brown

Kris Canavan

Steven Anderson

None Of Us Is Yet A Robot

Joe Wild

Edward Crawley 

River Lin 

Selina Thompson

Susannah Hewlett

Aby Watson + Ellie Dubois

Hellen Burrough + Philip Bedwell


Jenny Lynn

Kel Glaister

Taylor Kindersley (Drew Taylor and Paul Kindersley)

Aleks Wojtulewicz

Liz Clarke

Siriol Joyner

Adam Young

Claire Burke

Adam York Gregory + Gillian Lees

Janice Parker