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Deadline: 16 March 2016 at 16:30

//BUZZCUT// is a 5-day artist-led experimental performance festival that happens in the Pearce Institute in Govan. Across the five days there will be over 60 performances from artists from all over the Scotland, the UK and the world.

Every year, in order to make //BUZZCUT// happen we depend on a team of amazing volunteers to help us ensure everything runs smoothly!

//BUZZCUT// 2016 will run from 6 – 10 April and we will need people to help us set up/ take down so we are looking for volunteers between 3 – 11th April. You can commit to one day or the whole festival and we are flexible to make your experience with //BUZZCUT// as good as it can be!

We are looking for people to help out with a variety of roles, from Front of House, Box Office, Artists Assistants, BSL interpreting, personal assistants, childcare and Technical/Production support. We want you to have a brilliant time working with us and so we’re keen for you to be involved in whatever area interests you most. It’s a great chance to gain some experience in an artist lead-environment, & as well as meeting great people you’ll also get:

//FOOD// – we’ll be providing lunch for everyone involved in the festival during the festival dates
//SHOWS// – if there are shows you really want to see you won’t have to work during them
//PARTY// – we’ll be throwing you a party at the end of the festival, just to say thanks
//TRAVEL// – travel expenses on the days of your volunteering

SOUND GOOD? Send us an email letting us know what you’d like to be doing, what your availability across the festival dates is like, and why you’d like to be a part of BUZZCUT to with ‘volunteer 2016’ as the subject.
We especially welcome disabled volunteers and we have plans & resources available to support you in your volunteer role. Please get in touch if there is anything you’d like to discuss.

Location: Glasgow City

For further information, please contact

The deadline is Wednesday 16 March 2016 at 16:30.



We’re working tres, tres hard to decide on the programme for BUZZCUT 2016. More info from us SOON! Buzz Fest is 6th – 10th April 😉

In the mean time…



6-10 April 2016

Pearce Institute, Govan, Glasgow.

// Call for Participation: Strengthening Communities in Precarious Times //

We invite those from all disciplines with interdisciplinary perspectives to examine how communities can be strengthened, supported and nurtured in times of economic, political, ecological and social crisis.

As part of their fifth festival //BUZZCUT// are holding a symposium event in association with the University of Glasgow. //BUZZCUT//’s ethos is centred around the enquiry, ‘How can an event strengthen a community?’ and looks to open up new spaces for performance to happen and bring new audiences to live art. With this in mind, this symposium seeks to reimagine structures around the sharing of ideas, and create an environment that is open and accessible for those of all backgrounds to come together to eat, talk, think and dance.

As we face the violence of government-enforced austerity policies, those in the arts and university sectors, those with precarious incomes and those reliant on a welfare system come together to share and examine ways to resist divisive rhetoric, create supportive environments and imagine alternative futures.

// We encourage collaboration, new ways of thinking and different ways of doing. //

// We encourage responses in the form of papers, practice-based presentations, sessions, events, panel proposals, interventions, etc. //

// We encourage you to be provocative, polemic, celebratory, revolutionary, experimental, generous, rebellious and radical. //

// We encourage you to think about public engagement, we want you to ensure that your ideas can communicate with a broad and diverse audience. //

// We encourage you to think about the space you might present in and who might be present in that space. //

// We encourage applications from those located in Govan, Glasgow, Scotland and internationally. //

// We welcome applications from those with disabilities and have resources to meet accessibility requirements. //

Responses to this call may refer, but are not limited to: education, arts and elitism; politics and art in areas of economic deprivation; money as a corrupting/liberating force; social struggles extending to migrants, refugees and displaced peoples; gentrification and social cleansing; inclusion and exclusion in the arts; communities as a mode of resistance to commodification/exploitation/oppression/ecological destruction; the strengths and weaknesses of socially engaged/community arts practice; models of free education; the arts as an anti-capitalist endeavour; alternative modes of social organisation; thinking locally, acting globally; independence and solidarity; alternative economies; arts and austerity.

The conference will be concurrent with //BUZZCUT// and everyone will be able to attend both the conference and festival, with all events pay what you can.

//BUZZCUT// is a radical artist-led five day performance festival that happens annually in Govan, Glasgow. Through an open application process the programme is made up of sixty performances from a range of local, national and international artists working across live art, experimental theatre and dance. The entire event is pay-what-you-can and takes place in the Pearce Institute, a community centre with a hundred years of radical history. For more information on //BUZZCUT// please go to the website

To apply, please send us proposal that includes:

  • An abstract [A summary of your proposed contribution] (200 words max)
  •  A suggestion of the location(s) the proposal may be appropriate to [in Govan].
  •  A brief biographical note (50 words max).
  •  Any additional access requirements or technical resources you may require to participate/present.

 If you would like to apply via a video message, please do so. Ensure it contains the same above information within a 3 minute video.

Please email to by the end of Friday 11 December 2015.

If you have any questions please get in touch on the symposium email:

Nick Anderson, Rosana Cade (//BUZZCUT//), Dr Stephen Greer (University of Glasgow) and Phoebe Patey-Ferguson (Goldsmiths).

(application window now closed) INFO AND CALL FOR APPLICATIONS // BUZZCUT 2016!

Hello from //BUZZCUT// We hope you’re doing brilliantly!

We are Nick Anderson and Rosana Cade, two friends and performance makers who run //BUZZCUT//, which is a performance and live-art festival that happens annually in Glasgow. We’re super psyched and delighted to be working towards our fifth 5-day festival! WOWZA!

//BUZZCUT// will be taking place from Wednesday 6th – Sunday 10th April 2016 at The Pearce Institute in Govan, Glasgow.

//BUZZCUT// is a collaboration between two artists in Glasgow dedicated to creating exciting, supportive environments for artists and audiences to experiment with live performance.

//BUZZCUT// looks to open up new spaces for performance to happen, to bring new audiences to live art, and to create new opportunities for artists to make and share work.

//BUZZCUT// is about sharing; sharing food, sharing ideas and support, opening up doors and sharing homes.

//BUZZCUT// is about knowing we can be lateral… and actively disobeying hierarchies.

We are accepting applications from artists who work within live-art and performance.

We welcome applications from disabled artists and have new resources to meet accessibility requirements.

This year we won’t be accepting applications from people who are currently in undergraduate education. If you’d like further details on this then do get in touch… and of course we’d love for you to come and get involved in the festival in other ways!

We are really thrilled to announce that //BUZZCUT// 2016 will be supported financially through Creative Scotland, University of Chichester and University of Winchester. Thanks to that support, we are able to offer the following resources to artists:

// We will have developed and strengthened technical support and technicians to operate each performance. We are not able to cover material costs for individual shows, but will help source things locally for free where possible. //

// Full travel costs paid by us. Unfortunately this doesn’t extend to producers or technicians. International artists: We may only be able to offer a contribution to your travel, as we are unable to pay for long haul flights //

// Large free lunch events every day of the festival for artists, our team and all traveling delegates to sit down together at the beginning of the day //

// £100 fee for each artist involved in the festival. For example, if three artists are collaborating as part of your performance/application… you would receive £300. Again, we’re sorry this doesn’t include producers or technicians //

// Video and photo documentation of your work //

// Free accommodation in a Glasgow resident’s home – these people are always known and trusted by our organisational team //

// A large presence of UK-wide and international producers, festival programmers/venues and artist-led organisations //

// The possibility of seeing all the other work in the 5-day festival for free //

// Finally, a welcoming, warm and friendly environment to show your work in and become part of a community! //

You can get the application form on the // APPLICATION FORM: 2016! // page on our website 🙂

Please send the completed application form to along with a copy of your performance c.v. by the end of Monday 30th November 2015. If you’d like to apply via a video message, please do so! Answer the questions and supply the information within a 3 minute video and send to the same address.

All our love, Nick and Rosana x

All the love, BUZZCUT x