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//BUZZCUT// at Hunt and Darton

For the first time ever, //BUZZCUT// will be in residency at the Hunt and Darton Café, serving up a range of performances from some of Scotland’s most exciting experimental artists three evenings a week throughout the Fringe. True to //BUZZCUT//’s ethos, these events will be Pay What You Can and will celebrate risk-taking Scottish-based artists who have a radical approach to creating live performance.

“It’s out of this kind of ferment of invention that groundbreaking work has a chance to emerge.” **** Joyce MacMillan, The Scotsman on Buzzcut 2012

All performances are 10:30pm at the Hunt and Darton Cafe, 21 St Mary’s Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1SU.


2nd + 4th August: Harry Wilson

7th August: Janice Parker

9th August: Jenna Watt

11th + 14th August: Thomas Hobbins

16th + 18th August: Louise Ahl

21st + 23rd August: I’m Not Her Sidekick (Ellen Ling and Kirsty Byers)

25th August: Janice Parker–2

S E E  Y O U  T H E R E ! ! !