//Craig Manson – Art School Club Residency //

Unifix Rebirth 18.12.16 By Aldo Ferrarello (4).JPG
Photo: Aldo Ferarello

For the past year we’ve been mega delighted to be working with the Art School on creating residency programmes for artists to create new works for club environments! The final residency is with the amazing Craig Manson and will run throughout October – November, who’ll be using the residency to create episodic performance about Werewolves, called WOLF (Lycanthropy) Phases 1-4.

Catch him at this dates:

Sgaireoke Fri 6th, Oct 9pm-3am

Halloween Party Fri 27th Oct, 10pm-3am

Sat 11th Nov, 10pm-4am


Craig Manson’s performances address issues of exploitation and objectification. Recently he’s used performance to try and embody different animals; from seals to bears, deers to cats. These works aim to draw parallels between the ethical struggles of animals and the emotional struggles of humans. He believes that humans can learn more about their existence and listening to their instincts by relating to that which is other from them. Outside of this, Craig makes performance about his sexual identity, what that means culturally and how the homosexual male body is simultaneously celebrated, fetishised and objectified. On making club performances, Craig is excited by club nights as a constructed event of heightened sensation and consciousness, aiming for his performances to become another part of an elevated experience not normally gained in everyday life. He’s interested in allowing people to see performances who may not do so regularly, believing that the aesthetic and moral processes and efficacies of contemporary performance are valuable to experience. Craig is deliberately provocative in the work he makes but also light-hearted and comedic, aiming to keep people entertained whilst a heavy political or emotional statement bubbles to the surface.

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