Double Thrills is back – our monthly nights of experimental performance and live art at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow!

First up we have two incredible artists with new pieces of work. Aby Watson is presenting -ish; a choreography of chaos and dysfunction exploring the murky dichotomy of disabled / abled from her experiences with dyspraxia.

Nicola Hunter will also present MOTHERFUCKER a visceral performance about her experiences of being a single mother, exploring sex, death and life considering her queer birthing body and how the figure of the mother is represented and controlled within western society.

You don’t want to miss it! See you there.

Both shows BSL Interpreted 🙂

Tickets here




//Craig Manson – Art School Club Residency //

Unifix Rebirth 18.12.16 By Aldo Ferrarello (4).JPG
Photo: Aldo Ferarello

For the past year we’ve been mega delighted to be working with the Art School on creating residency programmes for artists to create new works for club environments! The final residency is with the amazing Craig Manson and will run throughout October – November, who’ll be using the residency to create episodic performance about Werewolves, called WOLF (Lycanthropy) Phases 1-4.

Catch him at this dates:

Sgaireoke Fri 6th, Oct 9pm-3am

Halloween Party Fri 27th Oct, 10pm-3am

Sat 11th Nov, 10pm-4am


Craig Manson’s performances address issues of exploitation and objectification. Recently he’s used performance to try and embody different animals; from seals to bears, deers to cats. These works aim to draw parallels between the ethical struggles of animals and the emotional struggles of humans. He believes that humans can learn more about their existence and listening to their instincts by relating to that which is other from them. Outside of this, Craig makes performance about his sexual identity, what that means culturally and how the homosexual male body is simultaneously celebrated, fetishised and objectified. On making club performances, Craig is excited by club nights as a constructed event of heightened sensation and consciousness, aiming for his performances to become another part of an elevated experience not normally gained in everyday life. He’s interested in allowing people to see performances who may not do so regularly, believing that the aesthetic and moral processes and efficacies of contemporary performance are valuable to experience. Craig is deliberately provocative in the work he makes but also light-hearted and comedic, aiming to keep people entertained whilst a heavy political or emotional statement bubbles to the surface.



How d’ya fancy some desk space in the BUZZCUT Orifice?!

We’ve put up some funky red lights. We bought a lamp. It’s practically a palace. And there’s three desks with YOUR name on them.

It’s in the Pearce Institute in Govan, and we’ve got 3 lovely desks waiting to be used by YOU!

Rent is £60 a month for a desk all inclusive.  Here are some of the lovely things we have:

– We’ve got internet and a wee printer
– There’s a collection of books from our dear pal Adrian Howells
– There’s a kitchen just off the room with microwave, fridge and beverage making facilities
– And you’ll get to work within spitting distance of us!

We’re looking for arty types, community leaders, rad thinkers, happy vibes and friendly faces. It’s a chilled happy think space.

We communally buy things like milk / cake / office supplies and we sometimes go out for lunch together. It’s really rather lovely.

It’s up half a flight of stairs so sadly isn’t that accessible.

If you have any questions or think you might be interested drop us an email at buzzcutkarl@gmail.com telling us a bit about yourself, what you’re up to, and how having some desk space might be useful for you.

If you are interested but can’t afford the rent let us know and we’ll see if we can figure something out (like a desk share).

Love to all



Hello lovely folks

First up – We’re totally delighted to share this with ya – a video of happy happy memories from this years //BUZZCUT// Festival made by Jassy Earl and Beth Chalmers  thank to again to all the beautiful people who made it happen  





When you’re watching it you might be thinking “Aye that looks fun, but when’s the next one?!” Well after 6 annual festivals we’ve decided to take a bit of a break to really plan the future of //BUZZCUT//, what it can do, and what the festival can look like and achieve. We’re super excited about these conversations and wanna do it properly, so we’re pushing the festival back from it’s regular April slot. Please feel free to share this update from us, that’d be cool for helping us spread the word… and keep your eyes on our website and Facebook and we’ll give you more information when some festival plans get firmed up.

It’s absolutely the intention that //BUZZCUT// is something which will exist for ages… maybe forever huh? And so at this moment of transition it helps us massively to take stock of the future without the joyous, mammoth task of planning the next festival right away. We are thinking of our friends Forest Fringe who made a similar announcement recently and how it was taken the wrong way… so let it be lovingly, sumptuously clear: this is NOT a finishing, ceasing, desisting or closure of //BUZZCUT// Festival. Rather we’re just waiting a little bit until we come back with the seventh edition – with an extra batch of time to sit, think and plan 🙂 In the meantime we have loads of exciting things brewing outside of the festival for you to see and get involved in – so you’ll still see us out and aboot!

Loads of love and we’ll see you very very soon.

//BUZZCUT// xx


FESTIVAL DATES: 5th – 9th APRIL 2017 !!


Photo Credit: Julia Bauer
Image: Rachael Young and Dwayne Simms // OUT // Buzzcut Festival 2016

Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi! 


With a giggle and a wiggle, we’re gonna announce the programme of performances at BUZZCUT Festival 2017! YALDIIIIIIII! Below is about 50 artists, and now you can go to the FESTIVAL PROGRAMME tab on the website and see all the images and show info! Schedule to come soon!

Festival dates are 5th – 9th April 2017 in the Pearce Institute in Govan – get em in your diaries! No tickets or booking required and all events are pay-what-you-can, just rock up and throw ursells in!

Without further ado-doo, here we go! In absolutely zero-order at all… xx

NEWLY announced:
Erika Bulle (Mexico)
Mairead Delaney (USA)
Ian Nulty and Adam Young (UK)
Odd Comic (UK)
Angus McLean Balbernie and Stuart Jackson (UK)
Sexcentenary (UK)
Local Foreigner (UK)
Blake Venus (Scotland)

Anthony Hüseyin Pharaoh
Rebecca Davies and Betty Ross
Nic Green with Rosana Cade 
Peter Lannon and Ellie Dubois
Catherine Hoffmann
Ben Mills
Steinunn Ketilsdóttir
Daniel Oliver
Laurie Brown
Adam York Gregory and Gillian Jane Lees

Demi Nandhra 
Gudrun Soley Sigurdardottir
Jack Stancliffe 

Edythe Woolley
Kylie Minoise
Fallope and The Tubes and The Veg Queens
// Side Burns Symposium //
Rosanna Irvine
Ernestyna Orlowska
Katherine Araniello
Mamoru Iriguchi
// Close Shave – Live Art For Young People //
Robert Softley Gale
Kitty Fedorec
F-M-I-N and Mandy Roberts
Craig Manson
Natalie Ramus
Pauline Mayers
Rhiannon Armstrong
Shannon Cochrane and Amanda Coogan
Amy Rosa
Bridie Gane
Louisa Robbin
Deb Jones
Emily Walsh
Rachel Mars
FK Alexander
Jak Soroka
Femme Feral
Hannah Sullivan




We are totes delighted to be holding the second //SIDE BURNS// Symposium at //BUZZCUT// Festival 2017, taking place from 5th – 9th April at the Pearce Institute in Govan.

The call out for submissions is now open – and will close 13th February. Get your applications in 🙂

// Call for Participation: Coming Together, Falling Apart //

Side Burns is a space for critical reflection, open discussion and provocation for academics, artists, activists and audiences. It is an opportunity to present ideas generated by research, artistic practice and spectatorship in a relaxed daily programme as part of Buzzcut Festival 2017.

We invite those from all backgrounds and with interdisciplinary perspectives to examine how we might be able to create a common life together in divisive political circumstances.

A call for ‘unity’ is one that is repeated on all sides of politics. After his election, Donald Trump declared ‘it is time for us to come together as one united people,’ Theresa May has pledged to ‘unite the United Kingdom,’ whilst Nicola Sturgeon and Caroline Lucas are repeatedly calling for ‘unity against far right politics.’ But what does it mean to be united? Does it always demand opposition to outsiders, or are there other ways of coming together?

Gathering together as an artistic community in Glasgow, a city which voted for independence from the United Kingdom but unity with the European Union, we want to open up a conversation about how we make alliances, why we make them, our individual agency and our collective powers.

Side Burns seeks to create an environment for the sharing of radical ideas that is open and accessible for everyone to talk, listen, eat and imagine other possibilities for the society around us.

// We encourage collaboration, new ways of thinking and different ways of doing. //

// We encourage responses in the form of academic papers, practice-based presentations, sessions, events, panel proposals, interventions, etc. //

// We encourage you to be provocative, polemical, celebratory, revolutionary, experimental, generous, rebellious and radical. //

// We encourage applications from those located in Scotland, the United Kingdom and Internationally. //

// We welcome applications from those with disabilities and have resources to meet any accessibility requirements. //

Responses to this call may address issues which include but are not limited to: retaining individuality in a collective; claiming spaces of autonomy, agency and self-determination in a democracy; how to balance caring for each other with caring for ourselves; individuality as a neoliberal construct; solidarity and unity in fascism; explorations of heterogeneity and homogeneity; dehumanisation and simplification of masses of people (eg. the working classes, migrants) in mass media; nationalism as exclusionary and racist; nationalism as a mode of self-determination; pluralism and populism; explorations of legitimate modes of struggle such as protest, art or violence; the protection of minority rights in mass movements; who might be included and who is excluded in our vision of queer/arts/local communities.

All events at //BUZZCUT//, including Side Burns, are pay-what- you-can.

//BUZZCUT// is a radical community focused five-day performance festival that happens annually in Govan, Glasgow. Through an open application process the programme is made up of performances from a range of local, national and international artists working across live art, experimental theatre and dance. The entire event is pay-what- you-can and takes place in the Pearce Institute, a community centre with a hundred years of radical history. 

To apply, please email us a proposal that includes:

 An abstract, maximum 200 words (a summary of the ideas you wish to present, and how they would be presented)

 Any technical requirements you have, and the length of your proposed response.

 A brief biography, maximum 50 words

 Any access requirements you have.

If you would like to apply via a video message, please do. Ensure it contains the same above information within a 3 minute video.

Please email to buzzcutsideburn@gmail.com by midday on Monday 13 February 2017

If you have any questions please get in touch by email: buzzcutsideburn@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

Love from all the Side Burns and Buzzcut team xxx

Side Burns is supported by the University of Glasgow and the Goethe Institut.

BUZZCUT and Gessnerallee Exchangeroo!

Hello, oh hi, yes hello!

See us lot at BUZZCUT? We’re all about making sweet connections and pulling together communities. And wouldn’t you know it, so are the beautiful team at Gessnerallee in Zurich! Kathrin Veser, co-director of this fine venue, came to BUZZCUT last year and vibed out on the solidarity of the community formed and the strength of the work. In fact she even went on to programme two pieces from BUZZCUT 2016 (Marc Gabriel and Foxy and Husk) at their wicked festival Keine Dizsiplin in Jan 2017.

We developed a wee idea together to burgeon some connection between the cities, artists and the festivals.. and it’s ON! With support from the British Council, we are completely delighted to be taking a group of Scotand-based artists to the aforementioned festival to see the performances in their programme, meeting artists from Switzerland, speaking about each others’ work and loosely making plans for potential futures. Very sadly, Rosana can’t make it out for the trip (she’s moving home that weekend!) but Nick and Karl will be there, alongside Greg Sinclair, Louise Ahl/Ultimate Dancer and Gillian Jane Lees.

Gessnerallee / Keine Disziplin website

Is there more? Aye, obviously! Kathrin Veser, some of the team from Gessnerallee and some of the artists we meet from Switzerland will come to BUZZCUT Festival in Govan between 5th – 9th April 2017. During this time, they’ll soak up the BUZZCUT atmosphere and meet a whole whack of everybody… anybody! And see loads of marvellous performances, naturally.

Again, this wasn’t going to be possible without the support from the British Council and we’re humbly grateful for them helping us!

Love BUZZCUT… this message sent to you from our new orifice in the Pearce Institute!


P.S – for those supercats wondering about our BUZZCUT Festival 2017 programme and their applications to it… we are imagining to be in touch by the end of next week if not before! All our love again, Team Buzz xx

Festival 2017 Applications CLOSED! // December Fun Times at the CCA!

Heeeere we go!!

BUZZCUT Festival 2017 will take place from 5th – 9th April! Deadline for applications is now passed. For those of you who have applied, we will be back in touch in mid-January 2017


//Autumn Fun Times at the CCA! //


We’re super excited to be plowing into the Autumn with DOUBLE THRILLS our monthly performance programme at the CCA! We hope you can make it along for some super-fun times! Food // Music // Performance // Us // You // LOVE

Next up:

// December 14th // Daniel Oliver // Ultimate Dancer
+ afterparty in the CCA downstairs bar w/ FK Alexander, Hush and more!

See you there!



Next up from BUZZCUT is our England tour of mini-fests called ‘Let England Shake’ and ALSO a monthly double bill of performances at the CCA, Glasgow called DOUBLE THRILLS!


Wednesday 11th May, 7pm – Steven Anderson // Hunt and Darton TICKETS

Wednesday 22nd June, 7pm – Local Triple Bill // Ira Brand TICKETS

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1690759144524869/



Starting at Camden People’s Theatre on Sunday 15th May! w/ Steven Anderson + Craig Manson! Part of A Nation’s Theatre TICKETS


And then:

Leeds, Live Art Bistro, Sunday 19th June w/ Harry Wilson, Mamoru Iriguchi and Aby Watson
Colchester Arts Centre, Sunday 10th July w/ Nic Green, FK ALEXANDER and Peter McMaster
Brighton, The Spire, w/ FK ALEXANDER and Ichi Pinks, DATES TBC


Supported by Arts Council England and University of Chichester





Here’s some info about how to get here and a few other bits and bobs…


And now delighted to share the brochure of artists, performances and loads more info on //BUZZCUT// 2016!

The far-blas Laurie Brown has made this and it’s EXCELLENT!

Less than two weeks to Buzz time… see you in the circle pit!

Massive love xxxx

// At HOME with BUZZCUT //

We’re so chuffed and delighted to have created this new system of supporting artists alongside Home Live Art 🙂 Have a good read of the info below and then click on the link to read through about Home Live Art… they’re pretty DELISH!

Love Buzzcut xx

This year //BUZZCUT// and Home Live Art are joining forces to give four artists the opportunity to attend the festival through //at HOME with BUZZCUT// bursaries.With over 400 applications to Buzzcut 2016 and limited amount of programme space, together the teams have selected four applicants from the list unable to be programmed to still go to the festival as attendees.

An opportunity to see the programme, grow connections and benefit from five days of interesting conversations and communal meals, the chosen artists will also receive financial support to cover the costs of their travel, accommodation and per diems.

The selected artists for 2016 are:

Alicia Jane Turner

Kayleigh Handley

Mary Pearson

Tim Jeeves

Talking about the new collaboration with Buzzcut, HLA co-director Jane Greenfield noted “Home Live Art is thrilled to be supporting the wonderful Buzzcut festival this year!  With our modest resources we wanted to find a way of supporting artists in the most direct way possible. So we have teamed up with Buzzcut by offering travel and accommodation expenses to a number of artists who didn’t quite make the final festival line up but whom we all felt would benefit from attending the festival”




We are absolutely over the moon to introduce our totally bang on line up of artists and companies for the 2016 festival, 6th – 10th April at the Pearce Institute. More surprise additions are still TBC, so we’ll keep you posted. We’ll be releasing a full schedule in March with all the show info and times. But until then, suck your eyes balls on this fiesta!

(Remember: BUZZCUT is pay-what-you-can, with no tickets to be booked at any point. So you can just turn up and see all the work!)

(These are listed in absolutely no particular order!)

Alejandra Herrera
Lechedevirgen Trimegisto

Mary Coble

Ria Hartley

Weeks and Whitford with Shaun Caton

Krishna + Ray

Lesley Ewen & Catherine Hoffmann

Mr. Ferris

Mamoru Iriguchi

Aby Watson

Gillian Jane Lees and Adam York Gregory

Richard Layzell

David Sheppeard

Gavin Krastin

Kris Canavan

Mish Grigor

Robert Hardaker

Louise Doyle

Laura Gonzalez

Martyn Garside

FK Alexander

Copperbox Collective

Hellen Burrough

Lucy Hutson

Close Shave Imaginate Scratch

Madeleine Botet de Lacaze

Tilley and Del

Katy Baird

They Are Here

Will Dickie

Rachel Young

Vivian Ezugha

Intergenerational Dance Party

Sarah Glass

Aniela Piasecka and Paloma Proudfoot

Amy Rosa

Clive Mitchell

Fallopé and the Tubes

Fiona Soe Paing

Harry Wilson

Jak Soroka

Antonija Livingstone + Nadia Lauro

jamie lewis hadley

Lucy McCormick

Steve Nice

Jack Ellis

Kayleigh O’Keefe

Bob Moyler

Creation Station

Katy Dye

Scrimshaw Collective

Nic Green and Tam McGarvey

Emma Frankland

Foxy and Husk

Joely Fielding

Laura Murphy, Terry O’Connor, Moe Shoji, Bridie Moore

Marc Gabriel

Morven Mulgrew

If you need any more info at this point then get in touch on glasgowbuzzcut@gmail.com