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Oh yes!

Here we are!

What a thrill!

How are you? We hope you are doing great!


We are Nick Anderson and Rosana Cade, two friends and performance makers who run BUZZCUT, which is a performance and live-art festival that happens annually in Glasgow and we’re very, very happy to be returning for our fourth 5-day performance festival!

//BUZZCUT// is a collaboration between two artists in Glasgow dedicated to creating exciting, supportive environments for artists and audiences to experiment with live performance.

//BUZZCUT// looks to open up new spaces for performance to happen, to bring new audiences to live art, and to create new opportunities for artists to make and share work.

//BUZZCUT// is about sharing; sharing food, sharing ideas and support, opening up doors and sharing homes.

//BUZZCUT// is about knowing we can be lateral… and actively disobeying hierarchies.


We are totally buzzed to announce that we’ll be returning to The Pearce Institute in Govan for 2015’s festival. In the past we have changed venues each year, but we had a really spectacular time in The PI last year and we’re mega-enthusiastic about taking the work into the building and community again! For those of you who were there last year, you’ll be seeing whole new sides to the building this year and we think we may have also discovered how to turn off the heating 😉

BUZZCUT will be taking place from Wednesday 18th – Sunday 22nd March 2015

We programme the festival by sending out this open-call for applications and then working with our artist mentors to select which of the applications seems to be most relevant for this time and for this event. This year we won’t be accepting applications from people who are currently in undergraduate education. If you’d like further details on this then do get in touch… and of course we’d love for you to come and get involved in the festival in other ways!

Buzzcut is devoted to supporting artists who engage with a live-practice, who are passionate about experimental processes and whose work questions what performance can be and what it can look like.
So, in the spirit of total transparency, we are currently applying for funding for next year’s festival. We’re applying to Creative Scotland to support the whole festival, and it’s the first time we’ve relied fully on their (pending) support. We are expecting to get our answer from them in mid-January. If our application isn’t accepted, we can’t see exactly how to do the festival… However! We are deciding to believe that the application WILL be successful and we hope this slight level of uncertainty doesn’t put you off applying!

Yes, this is exactly what it feels like to be ‘flying by the seat of our pants’… but we hope you can trust us that we’ll work tirelessly to make it happen! If we are successful, we’ll be covering:

// Full travel costs paid by us //

// Large free lunch events every day of the festival for artists, our team and all traveling delegates to sit down together at the beginning of the day //

// Documentation of your work //

// Free accommodation in a Glasgow resident’s home – these people are always known and trusted by our organisational team //

// A large presence of UK-wide producers, festival programmers/venues and artist-led organisations who will see your work and be available to talk about it if you’d like to //

// The possibility of seeing all the other work in the 5-day festival for free //

// Finally, a welcoming, warm, and friendly environment to show your work in and become part of a community! //
// We are also planning to employ a pay-what-you-can system during the festival, which will go directly back to artists //

You can get the application form on the // APPLICATION FORM: 2015! // page of this website 🙂

Please send the completed application form to along with a copy of your performance c.v. by the end of Friday 5th December 2014.

All our love, Nick and Rosana x
All the love, BUZZCUT x