//SIDE BURNS// Talks and Chats


Side Burns: Talks and Chats


Side Burns is a series of talks, presentations, and provocations, from activists, academic, and artists, running during the day on Wednesday and every morning of the festival from 10-12.

Come and join us to discuss and respond to things you hear, see and feel throughout the festival.

Side Burns is for the sharing of radical ideas, a space that is open and accessible for everyone to talk, listen and imagine other possibilities for the world around us.

In 2017, we gather to respond in a variety of ways, from multiple perspectives, to this urgent question:

How do we create a common life together in such divisive political circumstances?

A call for ‘unity’ is one that is repeated on all sides of politics. After his election, Donald Trump declared ‘it is time for us to come together as one united people,’ Theresa May has pledged to ‘unite the United Kingdom,’ whilst Nicola Sturgeon and Caroline Lucas are repeatedly calling for ‘unity against far right politics.’ But what does it mean to be united? Does it always demand opposition to outsiders, or are there other ways of coming together?

Gathering as an artistic community in Glasgow, a city which voted for independence from the United Kingdom but unity with the European Union, we want to open up a conversation about how we make alliances, why we make them, our individual agency and our collective powers.

Side Burns is organised and hosted by Simon James Holton and Phoebe Patey-Ferguson with support from Stephen Greer, the University of Glasgow and the Goethe-Institut.

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