// sexcentenary // Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

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Our piece will be a subtle experiment, sending confusing signals about our ageing bodies, and our ability to call attention to ourselves.  This will involve a series of unannounced performances, in public places, which will take the form of actions that are ‘inappropriate’ for women of our age, and/or confront stereotypes about older woman.  Whether we are tired and feel the need to lie down, or choose to enjoy a public institution on our own terms rather than in ways expected of us, or use simple text to make our actions, these will address question of power and visibility. In refusing to be diminished by our ageing bodies and increasing our social visibility; rejecting our marginalisation and embracing the power that is inherent in being older women, we aim to deliver a powerful message through subtle means.

About sexcentenary

We produce art that is not easily defined, commodified, or located in existing or expected places.   We are fluid in our membership (to an extent depending on location and site). Although we work in different disciplines, we have shared experiences: we are all postmenopausal. We are interested in the exploration of our sense of reality, which is one that is underexplored and underrepresented in art making. We find our ageing bodies, perception of disempowerment, increasing social invisibility and marginalization, to be the sources of our enquiry. We make emotionally raw work, which is sometimes tender, but can be transgressive and challenging as required

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