// Ian Nulty and Adam Young // ey up ecky thump

ey up ecky thump.jpg

Cheeky ‘Northern’ pals Ian and Adam invite you to have a ‘toast and a roast’ starting at Brechin’s Bar then moving on across the river to Partick for Sunday lunch and a bit of banter from old rivalries over the Lancashire, Yorkshire divide. It’s been over 500 years since a Welshman (Henry VII) unified the house of York and the house of Lancaster under banner The Tudor Rose, but were still banging on about how much our two counties hate each other. Ian and Adam welcome a celebration of our differences… and let’s be honest there isn’t much in it. You can also expect a dab of local maritime history, in for good measure.

Please make sure you have a return subway ticket for the journey in advance.


Ian is an interdisciplinary artist who works both as solo and with other artist and collectives using collaboration as a formal device to create performance are, theatre, installations and conceptual work. Adam is a performance maker and co-director of Live Art Bistro. His work is often collaborative and in response to site, time and context. His main interest is in using performance as an emancipator tool, handing over as much as much agency as possible to audiences and participants.

This collaboration marks the first act of a friendship, struck up at Buzzcut, that has endured and is often centred around batting around ideas for potential art projects and performance ideas.

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