// Local Foreigner // in-dependence


Above Image: ‘Local Foreigner, Hom(e)age, SPILL Festival of Performance 2016, produced by Pacitti Company. Photoby Guido Mencari

In-dependence is an immersive performance installation that merges transmanic techno-folk, oral traditions, sound and costume. Its an attempt to create live art rituals that can generate alternative views and feelings of collective life.

The work is inspired by those who continue crossing borders: between ways of being, lands and modes of relating to others.

About Local Foreigner

Local Foreigner emerged in 2015. It’s interested in the potency of life, its intensity and resonance. The overarching force in Its life and Its art is to transform the way we relate to each other and ourselves, towards less oppressed and violent relationships.

Its a living statement for the questioning of social, political and existential issues.
Local Foreigner feels at ease everywhere.
Local Foreigner is a state of mind.
Local Foreigner Its us.



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