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Venue is wheelchair accessible and Cock and Bull will be BSL interpreted. FK Alexander and Pete McMaster’s pieces do not contain text. For any questions about access please call or text Karl on 07834 751536 or email buzzcutkarl@gmail.com

Schedule to be announced
Plus local artists TBC!
Big free meal for everyone and a party at the end!

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Cock and Bull // By Nic Green, with Laura Bradshaw and Rosana Cade
BSL Interpreted

Three females convene to perform their own, alternative, party conference. Exploring power,voice, agency and sustainability they use the most heard phrases from governmental rhetoric to dismantle and redress dominant paradigms of power and Politics.

Cock and Bull is a transforming choreography of words and a passionate speech of the body,underpinned with the real-time energy of political dissatisfaction and tory tongue-speak.

Work under the artistic direction of Nic Green crosses and combines dance, theatre, sonics and site-specific performance practice. Her work has been commissioned and presented nationally and internationally to critical acclaim,receiving sell-out audiences in the Barbican’s main house, the Arches Award for Theatre Directors, ‘Best Production’ at Dublin Fringe Festival and a Herald Angel at the Edinburgh Fringe. Cock and Bull was originally conceived with fellow, Glasgow- based performance makers Laura Bradshaw and Rosana Cade in response to the 2015 General Election. She is thrilled to re-present it as part of Let England Shake.

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*New Work from Scotlands Premier Destructivist*

There are forces, which if not controlled, lead individuals, and society, to chaos and destruction.

This work forms part of FK Alexanders OnGoing Further Investigative Experiments into technological rebellion, the decline of western civilisation, new animal ways and survival.

Among employed elements are drone, frequency, animal bones, radio, strobe and hammers.This work will be created in part in response to the local environment and personal atmosphere in the days prior to Sunday 22nd May 2016.

“I am for future, always”
“I am not insane. I am interested in Freedom”

FK Alexander is a glasgow based performance artist whos work is concerned with wound, recovery, aggressive healing, radical wellness and noise.

FKs work places the body at the centre of ritualised action in often ridiculous attempts to communicate ideas around new language new violence and new love.

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Gold Piece // Peter McMaster

I recently came across the Japanese practice of Kintsugi – the art of repairing cracks in porcelain or crockery with gold. The idea behind the practice is that a new lease of life is given to the object through the repair, resulting in the object being more valuable and beautiful for having being broken in the first place.

This new one-on- one performance borrows the practice and ideology of Kintsugi as its core enquiry. Through a silent and practical exploration of this Japanese art, the symbolic resonances of this transformative process merge with the human context held delicately between artist and participant.

“Got a sneaky moment to do Gold Piece with Peter McMaster and oh my goodness what a gentle and tender moment it is. So so beautiful.” Maddy Costa

Gold Piece has been presented at Forest Fringe, Edinburgh; BUZZCUT, Glasgow; Dialogue Festival at Ovalhouse, London; and The Parlour Showrooms, Bristol, as part of In The City Series.

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