// Kitty Fedorec // UTTEREAST



Utter East is a story of compulsive behaviour, purification, addiction, ritual self-flagellation, tears and dragon skin.

Kitty Fedorec is a performer and creator, with a strong interest in the relationship between dance, place and the mind. Her work is informed by her relationship with mental health and neuro-atypicality. It looks at the need of humans to control their environments, internal and external, and how that becomes expressed through a spectrum of behaviours. It ties the socially acceptable religious and superstitious behaviours to the unacceptable behaviours that spring from mental illness. Dogfeet are a London-based 4-piece. Experimenting in Industrial, Punk, Noise and digital production. With a traditional Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals line-up they create raw, uncompromising live performances, using (mostly) standard instruments to create textures, structures and sounds not typically heard. “Being in the presence of this band live is a conflicting experience. In an instant, the sense of mutual purging is palpable – a sense of solidarity, in acknowledging demons equally harboured.”

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