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The Araniello Show is a rare, sick, congenital performance, featuring guest artists
Jenna Finch and Laura Dee Milnes. Araniello pays homage to inspiration porn,
sympathy and the sufferings and misfortunes of others in a breath taking and heart
rending exploration of jelly and ice cream. The unleashing of Araniello’s dulcet tones
crooning ‘A Miracle of Life’ is intoxicating and audience participation is contagious. A
fatal outbreak of disease and sickness is plentiful for everyone to experience and
share. This “avant-garde dystopian nightmare” will inspire you to embrace pity-porn
in all its festering glory and to support the Miracle of Life campaign:


About the artist Katherine Araniello:
Katherine Araniello is a London-based artist using video, digital imagery and
performance art to respond to contemporary themes around disability. Araniello
creates frameworks that challenge, disrupt and alter preconceptions through satire,
subversive humour and presenting disability in fresh discourses. Her work twists and
plays with disability logic. It does not preach; it subverts perceptions of disability and
is avant-garde in its approach.

“I experience first-hand a unique perspective on the way in which society
disconnects with disability whilst seemingly attempting to ‘get it right’. I use these
ongoing representations and societal attitudes to make work that distorts and alters
common notions of disability.”

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