// Jack Stancliffe & Zac Scott // Tricksteristics: Knives Rabbits and Children

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“Tricksteristics:Knives Rabbits and Children”, is a series of conversations with 8 year olds, which are had and explored through a series of expertly delivered magic tricks. Sat across from each other watching events unfold, there is a common knowledge that the body has not been sawn in half, there’s a swaying trust that there’s nothing hiding up those sleeves, there’s an unquestioned hope that when the smoke settles something new and pure will be revealed. “Knives Rabbits and Children” will look at the possibility of multiple truths and question who we are willing to suspend our disbelief for.

Jack Stancliffe

My work considers the problem of how “young people” are included and represented within social systems, cultural activity, mediated and artistic forms. Working in areas of participation, education, and performance, I seek to create experiences that antagonise, and shake the grounds in which we may normally form relationships with young people on.

Zac Scott

is a songwriter, music teaching artist and performance maker. He recently trained at Lincoln Center Education, Zac regularly works as a teaching artist, leading music, songwriting and performance workshops in different contexts – most recently with the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall New York and Paragon Music working with people with additional support needs. He has designed sound for Caroline Bowditch’s children’s piece “Snigel” and 21CC’s “Ballad of The Apathetic Boy and his Narcissistic Mother.”

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