// Hannah Sullivan // With Force And Noise

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I feel like there was a day that I was angry but I can’t remember what or why anymore, I don’t know, maybe I was just hot.

With Force and Noise uses verbatim, song and embroidery to explore angers strength and futility. A woman softly searches, sings, spits and unhinges herself. She lays a chaos on her skin.

With Force and Noise was made through automatic writing, embodied movement, costume design and informed by research into protest, punk and psychology. With Force and Noise began in 2014 when, affected by riots and revolutionary activity in other countries, Hannah became frustrated with anger being dismissed as madness; and attentive to what causes people or societies to react or not react. This initiated a two year process of research and personal exploration with the aim of creating a performance that could hold space to consider or locate anger.

“A performance of deep restraint, charged with tenderness and violence”
Audience member

“A striking and distinctive work that left me fizzing with strong images and utterances”
Audience member

“Totally captivating and layered with abstract humanness”
Audience member

Written and Performed by Hannah Sullivan

Dramaturgy by Alice Tatton Brown

Costume Design by Annelies Henny

Lighting Design by Tom McDonagh

additional dramaturgical support from Lou Cope

Produced by Katherine Hall

Supported by Arts Council England, Bristol Ferment, ICIA Bath, The Solo Contemporary Performance Forum, Shoreditch Town Hall and Interval. A New Blood Artist 2017, presented in partnership by In Between Time, Leeds Beckett University, University of Chichester and the University of The West of England.


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