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Could hysteria be a real medical condition?

Prior to the 3rd edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders in 1980, doctors believed so.  However, it is now seen as an outdated historical diagnosis conferred on sexually frustrated females.  But what if hysteria is/was a valid response to social and psychosexual repressions?  A need to express something deep inside you that ACHES to emerge…

Sometimes you just need to scream – for personal catharsis and to give voice to dissent.

Long live the Demoniacs!

Grimalkin555 is a solo noise project of Sarah Glass, a Glasgow based artist and musician working predominantly in video, sound and performance. Her practice reflects her interest in themes such as social control, feminism, and the distortion and re-appropriation of (sub)cultural media. She holds the distinction of having released the loudest song of all time.

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