// Fallopé & The Tubes + The Veg Queens // Actions, of course



Some will tell you.
Some will tell you.
What you’re really want ain’t on the menu
Don’t believe them!
Don’t believe them!
Cook it up yourself,
And then prepare to serve them.
That’s how they’re going to find out.
– Ms. Buffy St Marie
A performative banquet of mutual nourishment, performance and song.


The performance will unravel in a series of edible courses prepared fresh by The Veg Queens; an aural and oral stimulus; a feasting and feeding frenzy that might include songs as main dishes, spoken word sides, gestural garnishes, instrumental seasonings and percussive rhythm condiments.*


The Veg Queens are a chef and a baker that offer a space for the love of eating in a queer, feminist setting.Fallope & The Tubes are 6 witch sisters who perform together in a weirdo-punk performance band.

This performance will see the first collaboration between new friends and audience.


*All courses will be vegetarian. If you’ve got any Qs about what’ll be in the food beyond that, just ask.

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