// Ernestyna Orlowska //FRUITS



The time has come: Artificial intelligence has reached the human level. Three humanoid AI’s were programmed to entertain humans and they are pulling all the tricks to present a show, that goes beyond limits.

FRUITS explores in a high gloss Science Fiction scenario the emotional relationship between mankind and their artificial assistants. But it’s also the story of the relationship between the Creator and the creation: Humanity looses the exclusive right on intelligence and the AI‘s start to thirst for independence.

The show is set up as an interactive game show reality where the audience can choose, what they would like to see the AI‘s perform.  Magic tricks, songs, dance numbers, juggling and touching stories. But this can‘t go well for a long time: The AI‘s, becoming aware of their situation, culminate the show into an absurd entertainment dystopia.

For FRUITS Ernestyna Orlowska worked with two former circus artists, and during the creation process, they imagined how an artificial intelligence would look at the world, interpret it and reflect it. FRUITS is a energetic performance that doesn’t leave the audience safely in their seats, but surprises them with a mix of styles and genres, because possibly an AI doesn’t know what good taste is and where humans may have natural physical or emotional constraints.

Ernestyna Maria Orlowska has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master in Expanded Theater from the Berne University of Arts. In her artistic practice she merges the different disciplines of fine art, theater, performance and music. Her works are shown in galleries, independent art spaces, museums as well as theaters and festivals, such as Helmhaus Zurich, Bone Performance Festival Berne, Schlachthaus Theater Bern, Südpol Lucerne, Rote Fabrik Zurich, Les Urbaines Lausanne, Starke Stücke Festival in Germany, Vorstadttheater Basel. She won various grants/prizes for emerging performers, among others Tankstelle Lucerne 2015, Inkubator Zurich 2016, Kicks! Berne 2016 and was part of the Baushtelle Balkan Temple, a residency program in Belgrade and Prishtina in 2015. 2016 she was selected by the art commission of the city of Berne to submit a proposal for live art in public space for the Allmend Berne and her proposal Magic Almond was chosen to be realized in 2017.


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