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The concept of Obesity in Mexico and Latin America has been constantly rejected and pathologized reaching the point where it seems mandatory to be obese is to be a diabetic person, hypertensive, inactive, and a burden for the government budget, which invests millions in public campaigns Against these bodies. The political goal in present-day Mexico seems to be to exterminate obesity people.

This has been generating a strong problem of rejection and marginalization that some call ‘fatphobia’ ironically within the group of phobias this term is non- existent, although currently ‘Wikipedia’, the most commonly used free encyclopedia by young people works in a term called ‘Obesophobia’.

The body that I present has been modified through the systems of capitalist consumption and production, and I try to show this. An obese body, like a cuir body, or both, are constantly in a deconstruction – construction in which the empowerment of these characteristics can often be achieved, re-appropriation of insults and ridicule.

In Mexico we are still few voices that we are forming the fat activism, and I hope the movement will soon grow into a large crowd


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