// Emily Walsh // Free Haircuts



Free Haircuts is an attempt to re-connect communities weakened by political turmoil and re-establish relationships within them.

Starting as a response to the decision made by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union on 24 th June 2016, Free Haircuts ventures into trust and intimacy in public spaces and the proceeding implications this vote has had on society’s ability or inability to communicate with the citizens we share our streets with. Free Haircuts is a ritual, a gesture and an experiment that is accessible to everyone and anyone, but above all intends to encourage positive change in a world that faces so much oppression.

Using hairdressing as a mechanism to observe social interaction, the action is situated in a variety of settings around Glasgow’s Govan area. This is a celebration of community, sharing time and trust to reveal the importance and challenges of what it means to be united in today’s world.

Artist Bio

Emily is an emerging performance artist and collaborator who predominantly explores ideas around task to shape, challenge and respond to current socio-political issues. Her work is often fuelled by relationship and vulnerability, both as a personal venture and also as a necessity within the foundations, process and experience of her performances. Created through a feminine lens, Emily’s practice is always committed to taking the role of the female and gender identities into account, be that explicitly or implicitly. Conversations gathered from strangers, relations and communities are tools in her practice to help shape and evoke moments of personal and collective experience.

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