// Ellie Dubois and Pete Lannon // STUNTMAN


Shattering glass.
Falling from a great height. Shootouts and bar brawls.
A car crash.
A figure wreathed in flames.

STUNTMAN (version one) is the first in a new series of performances about movie violence, gender, and nihilism. It aims to investigate the figure of the stunt performer and what the creation of spectacle says about our relationship to death. We are interested in the authenticity of stunts, and in destruction. We are terrified of violence and fascinated by it. We want to protect those we love from harm and we want to be safe but we also sometimes just want to fucking blow things up. We want to pick at the scar of glamorous and brutal acts of movie violence and how it effects us and contributes to our performances of gender. We want to respond to a climate of fear and apprehension and the feeling that maybe the world is ending.


Ellie and Pete met while on the Contemporary Performance Practice course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Their first work together, Bird Bones was a performance by one adult and two children that explored our changing relationship to death as we age. Bird Bones can be seen at Tramway in Glasgow on May 14th as part of DIG festival.

Pete is based in Glasgow and spends half his time making performance, and the other half working with KOR! Records – an independent record label that creates music projects for young people with additional support needs.

Ellie is an award winning performance maker based in Tayvallich. She is currently making a new circus show called No Show that is performed by 5 female circus performers – No Show is at Platform on April 18 th .

SUPERFAN is a new company that produces the collaborations of Ellie Dubois, Pete Lannon and Kim Donohoe.

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