// Edythe Woolley // Did You Get That from Your Mother?

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Did You Get That From Your Mother? swims through an old sepia soaked world of black and white movies and silent pictures that are shattered on the arrival of pop pink slut babies who refuse to be silenced. It is a surreal place, cast out of time and space where narrative histories collide. Here, Victorian velvet décor marries vintage Hollywood  glamour and our present day desire for plastic, shiny new things.

This performance invites you to consider the consumption of a dinner that I’ll prepare on your arrival.

Dear audience, you’ve paid for this display, now let me entertain you.

Did You Get That from Your Mother?  was developed at The Bikeshed Theatre, New River Studios and Live Art Bistro and is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

About the artist:

Edythe Woolley’s work is feminist, provocative and strikingly visceral. She explores the grotesque through surreal and vivid elements, sculptural protrusions and physical representation. Her work embraces taboos and pushes the boundaries of society’s gendered constructions.

Edythe Woolley studied Drama at Queen Mary University (London) and Fine Art at Camberwell College (London). She has shown her work at SPILL Festival of Performance (Ipswich, 2016), And What? Queer Arts Festival (London, 2016), Latitude Festival (Suffolk, 2016), Knickerbocker (London, 2016), Deep Trash (London, 2015), Steakhouse Live (2015), Live Art Bistro (Leeds, 2015) and at the Peopling the Palace(s) Festival (Queen Mary University, 2015). She is the co-founder of Low Stakes Festival (London, 2017). Her drag personas “Lady Vag” and “Manley Stanley” have been performed in various cabaret and queer venues across the UK.

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