// Deb Jones // I Spy / The Blur



A queer miniature journey in to the eyeball. An intimate surreal exploration of vision. Is our eyesight the outer eye or the inner one?
Ms Jones delights that she is unable to see today.
Ms Jones delights that she’s unable to see you in the usual way.
She sees something else.
She sees her minds eye.
Without her lenses she sees only a blur.
Without her lenses, she cannot cross safely from one side of the room to the other.
Without her lenses, she cannot see your face.
Ms Jones requests the pleasure of your company for a small flight of the imagination in to a duty of care and a moment of thoughtful kindness. Step this way … Step in to the blur … Come with me, one by careful one …

Artist Bio:

Deb Jones has done a few things. Mainly blurry. She cannot rely on her outside eye. So she trusts her inside eye. If she loses a lens, things get interesting and a little terrifying. From a blurry perspective. Queer and all questioning. She writes often and sometimes performs.

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