Hiyaaaaaa! Here they are… the DAILY SCHEDULES! Have a good flick through the individual days on the links below! You’ll see that there’s lots of outdoors or offsite work happening this year… COOL HUH? There are a few more updates we will be giving for the how to find these sites/venues.

Also in these schedules is the ACCESS KEY which is designed to give you a sense of the access in place for each show, or whether or not the work lends itself particularly well to different sensorial experiences.

You may also wanna follow updates on the Facebook event found HERE!


// DAY 1 – Wednesday 5th April //

// DAY 2 – Thursday 6th April //

// DAY 3 – Friday 7th April //

// DAY 4 – Saturday 8th April //

// DAY 5 – Sunday 9th April //

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