// Conch // PELVIC FLOOR



Raw and roaring. A group of women coming to together, celebrating each other and themselves by claiming space, being seen and making noise.

Conch is a performative exploration of ritualistic practices and sensuality. This work celebrates surprising incidents of connection and togetherness and the power of welcoming people into your process and community building.

Conch is made by a collective of Glasgow-based women lead in collaboration with F-M- I-N (Leonie Rae Gasson and Amy Cameron) and Mandy Roberts. Leonie, Amy and Mandy were brought together in //BUZZCUT// 2016 through Antonija Livingstone and Nadia Lauro’s work Études Hérétiques. We have made Conch as a response to our time together in this work and as a way to continue sharing a process and building community.

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