//Close Shave – A La Buzzcarte!//


// Close Shave… À La Buzzcarte! //
Presented by //BUZZCUT// and Imaginate




//BUZZCUT// are delighted to be teaming up again with Imaginate for Close Shave – a strand of //BUZZCUT// festival designed to develop rad live art for young audiences. This year we’ll be doing it a little differently and reviving one of our favourite frames… À La Buzzcarte!

À La Buzzcarte! Is an immersive performance restaurant where audiences order a starter, a main course and a dessert of performance from a menu, and have interactive performances served up to them at their table. Tables will have no more than 6 people sitting at them, who will collectively decide which three performances they want from the menu; one starter, one main, one dessert, and will then receive their 20 minute experience. It will run for three hours on the afternoon on Thursday 6th April as part of //BUZZCUT// Festival 2017.

We’re looking for solo artists based in Scotland to submit proposals for À La Buzzcarte! You will need to develop a performative…

** Starter (5 minutes) **
** Main Course (10 minutes) **
** Dessert (5 minutes) **

There are a few rules to follow/break:
– The performances must be targeted to a 14 – 18 year old audience
– The 3 courses could be three sections of one through-line, or could be unrelated scratches of ideas
– The performances must begin and end at the dinner table
– Your performance must not include eating food

Alternatively we are also open to applications that respond to the site of the restaurant experience, for example a durational action that occurs throughout the afternoon.

We can offer:
– £100 fee
– Small materials budget
– Free lunch on Thursday 6th April
– The opportunity to see all the other performances in //BUZZCUT// for free
– Support for a visit with the Close Shave team to Edinburgh International Children’s Festival (produced by Imaginate) to see the work and meet programmers, artists and young audiences date TBC

If you would like to be involved in À La Buzzcarte! and develop new ideas for young audiences, please fill out the form below or send us a video application answering the questions below (no longer than 3 minutes).

All applications will be read by the Close Shave team, a group of young artists from across Glasgow (aged 16-19 years old), who will also programme, organise and host the event. If you’d like to have a chat with any of us about your application before the deadline, fire us an email over and we’d love to talk!

If you want to check out the rest of the festival programme, or want more info on //BUZZCUT// or Imaginate check out our websites:


If you want any more information please email closeshaveglasgow@gmail.com

All the love,
Team Close Shave, //BUZZCUT// and Imaginate xx

// Close Shave… À La Buzzcarte! // APPLICATION FORM

Where you’d be travelling from:
Phone Number:
Website (if you have one):

1. Please describe your starter, main course and dessert (300 words max)

2. What is your understanding of young people and the issues affecting them today? (150 words max)

4. Do you have any previous experience of making work for young people? YES/NO

4b. If Yes, can you tell us about it? (150 words max)

4c. If No, what interests you/excites you about making work for young people? (150 words max)

5. Please submit one or two pieces of photo / video documentation of your previous work (no worries if you don’t have this, it won’t count against your application!)

Please submit your answers to closeshaveglasgow@gmail.com by the 9th March at midday


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