// Bridie Gane // One Hit Wonder



One Hit Wonder is a one woman variety show: a selection of vignettes, each created and performed by Bridie Gane. Inspired by the glitzy perfection of 1930’s-50’s musicals, she presents a cabaret that is far more uncertain, absurd and unsettling: for example an impossible tap dance, the 21st century guide to being the perfect audience member and a hopeless romance with ‘a man in the sky’. Each vignette lasts one song – Beyonce’s concept album meets Patsy Cline.

Inspired by the seemingly blissful and constantly smiling women in Busby Berkeley’s films. Bridie presents the struggle between a childlike stubbornness that refuses to be sexy or alluring and the show-off performer who desires to dance and be seen.

Though quick and snappy in form, there is deliberately nothing conventionally sleek about this presentation: though there may be moments of clarity and fluid movement, you will see the seams of the performance as well as her tights. Through dance, music and story, the work offers an alternative and amusing take on the art of ‘flawless’ performance both on stage and in life.

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