// Angus McLean Balbernie & Stuart Jackson // 343/ms

343 m-s.jpeg

A duet by Stuart Jackson and Angus Balbernie.

Angus and Stuart have not met up for awhile now, at least a couple of years, but
they’ve known each other, off and on, for around 10 years, working together
occasionally on projects with Touchdown Dance. This is their first and probably
last duet together. A one-off.

Angus likes Mary Oliver’s little poem…

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.”

Stuart likes singing Beatles songs and dancing in the spotlight.
Stuart is blind and autistic. Angus, through a couple of full-on attacks of Bells Palsy,
lost much of his hearing, taste, balance and ability to speak clearly 3 years ago.

This piece is an idea. About how we adjust (or not) to darkness and light, silence and
sound. Some of this is navigated at around 299700 km/s, and other stuff moves much
slower through the air, at around 343 m/s.

Why are our stories that much slower to tell? We must all be very heavy with narrative.
No wonder the earth keeps tipping over. And owls fly at around 50km/h.

So what about the owls? What about the sodding owls?

We would like the audience to make sure they leave their mobiles on, and have them
ready, if possible, to play a tune or song you like. Also to have a torch app, or if not,
bring a small torch. And a feather….bring a feather….

Created by Stuart Jackson and Angus Balbernie. Assisted by Katy Dymoke.
“343 m/s”  has been supported by Buzz Cut Festival, and Touchdown Dance.



Stuart Jackson is blind, he started dancing with Touchdown Dance
in his early 20s, participating in a project co-organized with Chris
Thomson of the Education department at The Place, London, which
sought visually impaired dancers for a performance with Saburo
Teshigawara from Japan. Stuart then toured in several performances
with Karas including Luminous, on main stages world-wide.  He came
back to Touchdown 5 years later and has since danced in their
productions CLOSER, Apparently Normal and Follow the Frame.

Angus McLean Balbernie has created around 85 pieces and taught
all over the shop, including for many years at EDDC/artEZ Arnhem,
Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Dartington College of Arts
and Northern School of Contemporary Dance. He was visiting
professor of choreography at KNUA Seoul, and still is at LEM Buenos
Aires. Now he improvises, makes the odd commissioned piece and
plays the banjo left-handed and really quite badly. He might improve.

Katy Dymoke is a dancer and dance film-maker and the director of Touchdown Dance since 1994.  She is a Body-Mind Centering practitioner and program director for Embody-Move, delivering the BMC training in the UK. Katy works with all ages and abilities as a Somatic Movement Therapist and has published several articles and book chapters. Katy has danced since the age of 3 and continues to dance and teach contact improvisation, martial arts, and dance in community, education, health and arts contexts.

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