// Amy Rosa // Fire Rabbit


Her sacred flame is kept by one.
Nineteen times the earth turns round,
As sacred springs come forth the ground.
Twenty times the sun has burned,
And now the Goddess has returned.
Alone she tends her thrice-bright flame,
Born of her heart that bears her name.
Fire in the head…to quicken us.
Fire in the cauldron…to heal us.
Fire in the forge of the heart…to temper us.
In her new work Fire Rabbit artist Amy Rosa investigates ancient ritual and
healing practices, focussing on the transformative nature of fire and its
relationship to ancient rites. She will form a procession, carrying her cauldron
of fire to a secret location, before using the ashes to mark her body and the
earth with pagan symbols of regeneration and healing.

Artist Bio:

I am a live artist based in Scotland working predominantly with found
materials, mostly from woods, beaches and parks. I explore the act of shaping
an installation intuitively, and create spaces that focus on healing. One of my
main focusses is on creating an open dialogue about disabilities that are still
viewed with scepticism, ‘invisible’, chronic conditions, using durational action,
ritual and installation. I enjoy playing with perception of time and healing, and
how it can be altered and explored through quiet, slow acts. The act of
installing structures for the purpose of meditation, healing and reflection stem
heavily from my love affair with Carl Jung and his investigations into how
contact with ritual and nature affect us on a deeper level of consciousness.

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