// Adam York Gregory & Gillian Jane Lees // Full Stop.




Two parallel lines of white tape create a running track that ends abruptly at a wall.
Next to the wall is a speed radar. Gillian repeatedly runs towards the wall, trying to record ever-higher numbers on the display.

We are exploring personal risk in relation to performance. The faster she runs, the harder the impact, the higher the risk and the greater the cost
With each run we learn more about how Gillian mitigates the risk of pain through technique and through tempering her performance.
Or, perhaps, injury and pain are the cost of success.


Adam and Gillian share a strong interest in process. Gillian approaches this as a durational performer, examining the piece subjectively, with reference to the physical nature of perfection and control. Adam tends towards the conceptual and the visual, and approaches it through experimental method, collecting data and extracting meaning.

To date their collaboration has expressed itself in a series of durational or task-based performances that create visual ephemera and notional documentation. They gravitate towards the choreography of movement and experimentation in materials and forms in their pursuit to answer a question through experience and data.

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