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For June’s Double Thrills we’re doing things a little bit differently, our travelling artist will be the bloody marvelous Ira Brand in her drag persona and Bruce Springsteen wannabee Ollie, and for the local side of the programme we’ll be having a TRIPLE WAMMY of short pieces from local artists! Lucky You!

All shows will be BSL interpreted or not contain text.
Check out Turtlear’s superfab BSL welcome video!

18:00 – 19:00
Tunes in the Saramago Terrace Bar Upstairs

19:00 – 20:00
Andrew Black // Hometown Phallus
Jak Soroka // Diving Into Dusty
Mandy Robets // Quifftasia

21:00 – 22:00
Ira Brand // Break Yourself

22:00 – 00:00
Drinkey Dancey in the Saramago Terrace Bar!


Mandy Roberts // Quiff-tasia

In Life we accumulate so much stuff. Some we keep some we discard. This remaining stuff of life can become a mental and physical burden… Quiff-tasia is a playful response to this excess.   Using iconic, and perhaps familiar, props to reference the historic overindulgence, which brought on the French Revolution, “Let them eat cake”, alongside the multitude of modern miscellany, especially mass-produced plastic, which we find hanging around our homes (“well I do”).

The discarded becomes the whimsical, the frivolous.  Quiff-tasia aims to encourage the audience to participate to be part of the performance and to share the burden. A unifying ritual re-imagining and giving new life to these once loved, unwanted and ignored objects. Liberty!


Jak Soroka // Diving Into Dusty

I feel powerful, who has to be watching for me to be empowered?

An explosion of femme rage

A critique on our inability to take femininity seriously

Diving Into Dusty questions the rigidity of femininity through a playful Nigella-meets-Dusty Springfield high femme drag persona.

Photo on 01-06-2016 at 00.45 (1).jpg

Andrew Black // Hometown Phallus

thank goodness for the Phallus which made me feel valid n alrite
Is that how u feel and was it the phallus that validated you are you sure of that
dunno really prob not or if it did I might have to go back on it in the near future
no the phallus is always gonna go back on u



“The thing I like about Springsteen is that all his songs are about blue-collar, American, working class, men. You know, men who work on the railroads, and in lumberyards. Real men. I’m not really that kind of guy.”

Meet Ollie. He’s a graphic designer. But he wants to be Bruce.

Break Yourself is a piece about the performance of identity and of gender. Performed in male drag, it is about the relationship between power and desire, the complex landscape of male and female sexual desire, and the desire to be something ‘other’. And it’s about Bruce Springsteen.

It is also an experiment in constructing personas and alternative identities. A risky, dishonest, head-first, whole-hearted, and perhaps lightly desperate attempt to try and be something we have never been before.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England. Commissioned by Ovalhouse. Supported by The Yard Theatre.

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