Hello lovely folks

First up – We’re totally delighted to share this with ya – a video of happy happy memories from this years //BUZZCUT// Festival made by Jassy Earl and Beth Chalmers  thank to again to all the beautiful people who made it happen  





When you’re watching it you might be thinking “Aye that looks fun, but when’s the next one?!” Well after 6 annual festivals we’ve decided to take a bit of a break to really plan the future of //BUZZCUT//, what it can do, and what the festival can look like and achieve. We’re super excited about these conversations and wanna do it properly, so we’re pushing the festival back from it’s regular April slot. Please feel free to share this update from us, that’d be cool for helping us spread the word… and keep your eyes on our website and Facebook and we’ll give you more information when some festival plans get firmed up.

It’s absolutely the intention that //BUZZCUT// is something which will exist for ages… maybe forever huh? And so at this moment of transition it helps us massively to take stock of the future without the joyous, mammoth task of planning the next festival right away. We are thinking of our friends Forest Fringe who made a similar announcement recently and how it was taken the wrong way… so let it be lovingly, sumptuously clear: this is NOT a finishing, ceasing, desisting or closure of //BUZZCUT// Festival. Rather we’re just waiting a little bit until we come back with the seventh edition – with an extra batch of time to sit, think and plan 🙂 In the meantime we have loads of exciting things brewing outside of the festival for you to see and get involved in – so you’ll still see us out and aboot!

Loads of love and we’ll see you very very soon.

//BUZZCUT// xx

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