We are totes delighted to be holding the second //SIDE BURNS// Symposium at //BUZZCUT// Festival 2017, taking place from 5th – 9th April at the Pearce Institute in Govan.

The call out for submissions is now open – and will close 13th February. Get your applications in 🙂

// Call for Participation: Coming Together, Falling Apart //

Side Burns is a space for critical reflection, open discussion and provocation for academics, artists, activists and audiences. It is an opportunity to present ideas generated by research, artistic practice and spectatorship in a relaxed daily programme as part of Buzzcut Festival 2017.

We invite those from all backgrounds and with interdisciplinary perspectives to examine how we might be able to create a common life together in divisive political circumstances.

A call for ‘unity’ is one that is repeated on all sides of politics. After his election, Donald Trump declared ‘it is time for us to come together as one united people,’ Theresa May has pledged to ‘unite the United Kingdom,’ whilst Nicola Sturgeon and Caroline Lucas are repeatedly calling for ‘unity against far right politics.’ But what does it mean to be united? Does it always demand opposition to outsiders, or are there other ways of coming together?

Gathering together as an artistic community in Glasgow, a city which voted for independence from the United Kingdom but unity with the European Union, we want to open up a conversation about how we make alliances, why we make them, our individual agency and our collective powers.

Side Burns seeks to create an environment for the sharing of radical ideas that is open and accessible for everyone to talk, listen, eat and imagine other possibilities for the society around us.

// We encourage collaboration, new ways of thinking and different ways of doing. //

// We encourage responses in the form of academic papers, practice-based presentations, sessions, events, panel proposals, interventions, etc. //

// We encourage you to be provocative, polemical, celebratory, revolutionary, experimental, generous, rebellious and radical. //

// We encourage applications from those located in Scotland, the United Kingdom and Internationally. //

// We welcome applications from those with disabilities and have resources to meet any accessibility requirements. //

Responses to this call may address issues which include but are not limited to: retaining individuality in a collective; claiming spaces of autonomy, agency and self-determination in a democracy; how to balance caring for each other with caring for ourselves; individuality as a neoliberal construct; solidarity and unity in fascism; explorations of heterogeneity and homogeneity; dehumanisation and simplification of masses of people (eg. the working classes, migrants) in mass media; nationalism as exclusionary and racist; nationalism as a mode of self-determination; pluralism and populism; explorations of legitimate modes of struggle such as protest, art or violence; the protection of minority rights in mass movements; who might be included and who is excluded in our vision of queer/arts/local communities.

All events at //BUZZCUT//, including Side Burns, are pay-what- you-can.

//BUZZCUT// is a radical community focused five-day performance festival that happens annually in Govan, Glasgow. Through an open application process the programme is made up of performances from a range of local, national and international artists working across live art, experimental theatre and dance. The entire event is pay-what- you-can and takes place in the Pearce Institute, a community centre with a hundred years of radical history. 

To apply, please email us a proposal that includes:

 An abstract, maximum 200 words (a summary of the ideas you wish to present, and how they would be presented)

 Any technical requirements you have, and the length of your proposed response.

 A brief biography, maximum 50 words

 Any access requirements you have.

If you would like to apply via a video message, please do. Ensure it contains the same above information within a 3 minute video.

Please email to buzzcutsideburn@gmail.com by midday on Monday 13 February 2017

If you have any questions please get in touch by email: buzzcutsideburn@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

Love from all the Side Burns and Buzzcut team xxx

Side Burns is supported by the University of Glasgow and the Goethe Institut.

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